Leather & Suede Cleaning

For most customers, a leather jacket is a permanent piece in their wardrobe, meant to last a lifetime. We clean all of our leather & suede garments using our cleaning solvent, at specific settings for the best results. We have a high quality cleaning service that delivers your hat or coat back to you with a supple and smooth feeling that makes it a joy to wear again.

  • All our products are chlorine-free. We use custom detergent, an in-wash detergent booster (more CLEANING POWER) and downy fabric softener, free and clear dryer sheets.
  • We sort your laundry by color before washing: dark with darks, light with lights.
  • We use a delicate wash. We wash your dark and light garments in cold water to brighten the fabric and not fade colors. We dry all clothes in low/medium heat. Then your garments are professionally pressed.
  • If you have special instructions, please write on your order.

To help save the environment, we use reusable laundry bags and we recycle hangers.